Pastor and Tina

Joe Bowker


Pastor Bowker is quite familiar with the Middle Georgia area, having been reared in Macon most of his life. He and his wife, Tina, also a Macon native, are both graduates of Gilead Christian Academy here in Macon as well as Baptist University of America. They were married on July 25, 1980 and have four children: Laura, Joseph, Brian, and Leslie. Pastor and Tina served with their children for many years in Mexico as missionaries. The Bowkers came to Berean in July of 2003 and count it a privilege to serve the Lord with their church family.

The Pastor’s Heart 7/20/2018

When you’re tired, it doesn’t take much.  For me it was a parking place.  Silly, right?  It had been a long day of ministry in the Bronx on last week’s missions trip, and around 9 p.m., while negotiating the New York city expressway system, I missed an exit.  Not a big deal thanks to Google…


The Pastor’s Heart 6/29/2018

It had been a long time coming, and history was about to be made.  The Second Continental Congress had appointed a committee to draft it, and the time had come for final discussion, revision, and approval.  A document they called “The unanimous Declaration of the thirteen united States of America” now lay before them.  And…


The Pastor’s Heart 6/22/2018

I was sitting with my mom in her doctor’s office yesterday afternoon and shuffled through some magazines to find something to read (you know how doctor’s office waiting goes).  I settled on Sports Illustrated.  It looked a little worn, and when I looked at the date, I saw it was from December of 2012.  Interesting…. …