Do you enjoy history?  I do, and so does Tina.  So, on vacation last week the two of us took some time to visit a few historical sites on our way up to and back from the Creation Museum and Ark Encounter in northern Kentucky.  Wow, was I reminded of how much things have progressed since those early days of our country!  But it’s the history I found in the Creation Museum and Ark that I want to focus on today.  Both places had an entire section dedicated to the Bible and its ultimate authority and reliability for all things.  Displays of old Bibles or portions of Bibles really caught my eye.  Some were a century old or so, while others dated back hundreds of years.  Some were readable; but some, written in the old style of English were, in places, a little hard to decipher.  And then others were in Latin, and the Torah scrolls were of course in Hebrew.  Different Bibles, different ages, different languages, different formats.  But they all reminded me of the same lesson: God’s word has always stood the test of time, and it always will, for it is an eternal book.  Psalm 119:89 says it this way, “For ever, O Lord, Thy word is settled in heaven.”  Scoffers have ridiculed it, wicked rulers have tried to destroy it, and liberal theologians have tried to discredit it.  But there it is, God’s inerrant word, still standing, still relevant, still making a difference in hearts and lives.  And it is still the measuring stick for all things.  After leaving, I was certainly inspired by the information of the Creation Museum and impressed with the enormity of the Ark.  But I think most of all I was grateful for God’s Word, a book so true and so trustworthy that I can stake my eternal destiny on it and know I am safe.  Now that’s a great history lesson!