Spain, India, Uganda, El Salvador, Israel, Togo, Philippines, Egypt, Hungary, Brazil, Ethiopia, Dominican Republic, Germany, Canada, Chile, South Korea, Taiwan, and Japan.  No, this isn’t a geography lesson, it’s simply a list of foreign countries where our church is privileged to have a part in the work of one or more missionary families laboring to obey the command of our Savior to “Go ye into all the world and preach the gospel to every creature.”  And on top of the foreign missionaries, there are the ministries and church planters we help support here in the U.S. that reach out in our own country and prepare others to serve the Lord.  As a church we’ve just finished a month or so emphasizing our Faith Promise missions giving for these servants of the Savior; and as I’ve thought about it, I’m struck in a fresh way with the tremendous need of the unreached.  The eyes of many today are focused on Texas, Florida, the Caribbean, and Mexico and their ongoing struggle with the aftereffects of the recent storms and earthquakes.  With good reason there is much concern to do all that can be done as quickly as possible to help the people in these areas as they face a difficult and, in many cases, very long road to recovery.  The situation is real, tragic, and urgent.  The images we see stir the heart and demand a response.  But in a way, is that not what Jesus spoke of in John 4:35 when He said, “Lift up your eyes and on look on the fields; for they are white already to harvest”?  If we as believers today could just see the world in its sin-cursed and condemned condition, I believe that those images, too, would stir the heart and demand a response to do all that can be done as quickly as possible.  So today as you see the heart-wrenching images and great need in those stricken areas, be reminded that there is an entire world ravaged by sin and in a spiritual crisis that needs our personal involvement.  Pray.  Give.  Go.  Let’s do something.