It’s quite incredible if you think about it.  It’s a glimpse into a conversation that I’m sure goes on behind the scenes all the time.  We see it in Job chapter 1.  Satan desperately wanted to get at Job for the express purpose of enticing him to curse God.  But the enemy knew his hands were tied without the Lord’s permission.  And in His divine love and plan for Job, God gave the go-ahead, but with specific limits on how far Satan could go.  I think you know the story well, and the purpose of this note isn’t to retell it; it’s just to make one certain point that has been a blessing to me in recent days.  Satan’s devilish desire towards God’s people hasn’t changed in the centuries since Job.  As the Apostle Peter wrote, this “roaring lion” wants to spot, stalk, pounce and destroy any and all of us.  He wants to turn up the heat and discourage us from doing anything for the Lord.  And I’m afraid he succeeds way too often.  Satan succeeds when we forget this supremely important point: God is always in control.  Scripture for that?  Try Genesis 1:1-Revelation 22:21.  Here’s something to think about.  I read it several days ago in a book by Warren Wiersbe, and it goes like this: “When God permits Satan to light the furnace, He always keeps His own hand on the thermostat.”  Job needed to learn that, and so do I.  Nothing happens in my life outside of the control of my loving and gracious Heavenly Father.  If I can only rest and trust in that unconditional love and sustaining grace, there is nothing that should deter me from praising and serving Him.  Are you feeling the heat today?  Just remember that the thermostat is hands off to everyone but your God!