I wish you could have been there!  It wasn’t a place where such joy is usually found, but there it was.  Not a place where you hear “Hallelujahs,” either, but I definitely heard them.  A couple of days ago I was in a hospital room with someone I had just met.  He was facing open heart surgery and was scared.  As he expressed to the doctor, he was scared of not making it through the surgery; actually, he was most scared about what would happen if he didn’t make it out of the operating room.  “I’m going to hell, and I don’t want to go to hell,” he told the doctor.  As the doctor and he discussed his feelings, the man asked if a pastor could come and talk to him.  The doctor, a member of Berean, called me and then took me to meet him.  Tears were in his eyes.  So was fear.  And he was ready to hear the gospel.  More ready than anyone I’ve talked to in a long, long time.  He listened intently and then sincerely prayed to trust Christ as his Savior.  I know that last sentence was pretty simple, but, as I said, I wish you could have been there in that moment.  Everything changed.  Scared tears turned to tears of joy.  The fear written all over his face was gone and replaced with a huge smile.  A burden was lifted.  “Hallelujah” followed “hallelujah.”  “I’m not scared anymore, because I know where I’m going.”  We spent several minutes looking at the eternal nature of salvation and the new family and Father he now has.  And then he said this, and I’ll never forget it: “I’ve been dancing with the devil for years, but now I have a new dance partner!”  Not the way many would say it, I know, but it sure was something to hear!  I saw him again today, and he was still excited!  He’s shared Christ with his wife, he’s reading the Bible, and, as he faces that surgery on Monday, he’s not afraid.  Yes, I wish you could have been there.  I was there because a Christian doctor was concerned with “spreading the Word” of salvation and then gave me a call.  Maybe you weren’t with me in that hospital room, but you could be in your own place where the power of the gospel does its work, and a soul is saved.  Be gospel attentive.  Be sensitive to opportunity.  Be willing.  Be the one God can use to make a difference!