I think I have it right, but to be sure I had to look way back.  Back to the summer of 2006, in fact.  Yes, 17 years.  That’s how long I’ve been sending out the weekly (well, for the most part weekly) note that I’ve called “The Pastor’s Heart.”  It started as a means to send weekly reminders of events for the church, along with a brief Scripture verse or thought.  After a while, the announcements were dropped, and it became just a devotional thought.  Usually around 250-350 words.  I said “Usually.”  The topics have been simple things the Lord taught me in the course of a week.  You know, I’ve found that the Lord is ready to teach if we’d just keep our eyes open, because His lessons are everywhere.  There have been some sentimental topics, some deeper topics, some motivational topics, and some challenging topics, among others.  There have been some rants, some acknowledgements, and some personal tributes.  And then there was the one from 7 years ago tomorrow.  It was about an armadillo.  Like I said, lessons are everywhere.  If you do the math, averaging around 40 a year times 17, it’s hundreds of lessons.  Well, enough reminiscing.  In Ecclesiastes, King Solomon says “To every thing there is a season.”  A beginning and an ending.  And it’s time for the weekly Pastor’s Heart to end.  It’s been a blessing to me all these years, and I hope it’s been the same for you.  Even though I may not be writing them all down, I’ll still be looking for the Lord’s lessons.  I hope you’ll be doing the same.  So, keep your eyes open.  And your heart, too.