Well, they’re here.  All around us, it seems.  And they certainly seem to be growing.  But it’s not as though we hadn’t been warned.  We see it right there in 2 Timothy 3:1. “This know also, that in the last days perilous times shall come.”  If you continue reading the next few verses, you’ll find a pretty accurate picture of the “perilous times” that we see around us today.  And if you watch the news, you’ll see the same thing.  For example, we are currently in a month when “pride” is taken in blatantly immoral and Scripturally condemned lifestyles and is being celebrated by businesses, athletic teams, government, and even some religious organizations (I can’t bring myself to call them churches).  It’s happening nationwide, and if you’ll notice, right here in our own community.  So what do we do?  Well, 2 Timothy 3 also tells us how to handle these times.  Verse 9 helps us know that their “folly” will ultimately be exposed and divinely dealt with.  Verses 10-13 let us know that rejection and even persecution against the followers of Truth will be a reality.  Verse 14 encourages us to drive our stakes deep and remain strong in what we know to be true.  Finally, verses 15-17 reminds us just where we find that Truth – in the inspired, unchanging, equipping Word of God.  So, in these “perilous times,” don’t be discouraged; be determined.  Don’t run and hide; reach out and herald the truth.  Don’t be shaken; be steadfast.  Don’t be ashamed; be assured.  Don’t be calloused; be compassionate.  Don’t cave to the pressure; continue in the path laid out for us.  In other words, keep speaking and living the truth in love.  There is hope, even in perilous times, in the gospel and saving power of Christ!