I took it as long as I could.  35 or 40 minutes in, I couldn’t stand it any longer, and I walked away.  I was done.  I’m talking about my experience with last Tuesday night’s presidential debate.  From the start, the interruptions and the talking over each other made it painful for me to watch.  And it went on and on.  I kept thinking, “Maybe it’ll settle down and turn into a true debate.”  Well, it never happened, so I had enough.  Yes, I know a lot of people watched the whole thing.  My wife did.  That’s fine; I’m just sharing my experience, and I personally had no desire to keep punishing myself.  But I will say, the debate taught me a lesson.  Sometimes I’ve been guilty of the very thing that bothered me so much on Tuesday night.  Maybe you have as well.  God speaks to our heart about something.  He’s trying to teach, guide, or perhaps correct.  But we don’t let Him get a word in edgewise.  We make excuses – why we can’t, why we didn’t, why it wasn’t really our fault.  And on and on.  We interrupt the Lord’s voice to make sure ours is heard.  We may not admit it, but we think we know more than God.  Or at least act that way.  When the Lord speaks, we would do well to listen to Habakkuk: “But the Lord is in His holy temple; let all the earth keep silence before Him” (2:20).  The Lord is sovereign.  He knows.  He has a plan.  He is in control.  He acts for our good and His glory.  We just need to hush, listen to God, and let Him work.  By the way, I’m glad the Lord is more patient with me than I was with the candidates and moderator the other night!