Leading up to Thanksgiving each year, I look for a Scripture to chew on that presents the topic of gratitude or praise.  Instead of rushing headlong into Christmas mode (as seems to be the prevailing tendency now), I enjoy reflecting on the goodness of God and the praise He is due.  This year Psalm 146:2 has been that verse.  It speaks simply, yet it speaks volumes.  “While I live will I praise the Lord: I will sing praises unto my God while I have any being.”  Simple enough, right?  “While I live will I praise the Lord.”  But think about it.  “While I live.”  Life is not a level road, is it?  It has highs and lows, with some very low lows.  It has smooth sailing and rough seas.  It has clear skies and stormy weather, with some sudden torrential outbursts thrown in.  But it is life.  And the writer of this Psalm commits to praise the Lord through it all.  It’s a blessing to read and at the same time a challenge to follow.  One expositor made this comment on this verse: “I shall not live here forever. This mortal life will find a finis [an end] in death; but while it lasts I will laud the Lord my God. I cannot tell how long or short my life may be; but every hour of it shall be given to the praises of my God. While I live I’ll love; and while I breathe I’ll bless. It is but for a while, and I will not while that time away in idleness but consecrate it to that same service which shall occupy eternity. As our life is the gift of God’s mercy, it should be used for His glory.”  This Thanksgiving season, I am challenged to praise Him for the good and praise Him for the grind.  To praise Him in the sunshine and praise Him in the storm.  To praise Him in the triumphs and praise Him in the trials.  To praise Him when I understand and praise Him when I don’t.  “While I live will I praise the Lord.”  Father, by your grace make this real in my life.