You sit staring at the blank, and it just doesn’t come.  You thought you were ready, but you weren’t ready for that one.  That question on the test that stumps you, and you don’t have a clue about the answer.  Remember that feeling?  It happened this week to one of my wife’s students.  Last night at supper, Tina told me about this student that didn’t have an answer for a few of the questions on a Spanish test.  He did know that a blank with no answer had zero chance of being right, so he took a shot and put something down.  What he wrote in the blank wasn’t necessarily what Tina was looking for, but what he put down, in a way, made all the sense in the world.  In those few blanks, he simply wrote “Jesus.”  At first we laughed at what he’d written down, but then it hit me.  Jesus is always the right answer.  Maybe not on a Spanish, Math, or Science test.  But in life, He is.  When you stare hopelessly at your sin, Jesus is the answer for forgiveness.  When that tough decision seems to mock you, Jesus is the answer for wisdom.  When you just don’t know how you’ll be able to take another step, Jesus is the answer for strength.  When fear grips you, Jesus is the answer for peace.  When the darkness of despair seems to be closing in, Jesus is the answer for joy.  So when you just don’t know, remember that Jesus is the answer.  And even when you think you do know, Jesus is still the answer.  It may not work on a Spanish test, but it’ll sure work in your life!