I love deer stand meditation.  I’ve written many a sermon outline or Pastor’s Heart in one.  Like this week.  While sitting there and reading through some Psalms, I came to Psalm 71, and the first half of verse 3 really caught my attention.  The unknown writer of this Psalm is crying out to his God in what seems to be a difficult time for him.  In looking at the wording of several verses in the Psalm, it also seems that he was calling out to God on a regular basis.  Problem after problem.  Decision after decision.  Trial after trial.  Attack after attack.  I wonder if he thought that he was, so to speak, wearing out his welcome when it came to God?  Hence his petition in verse 3: “Be Thou my strong habitation whereunto I may continually resort.”  Continually resort.  He was looking for a place where he could always find refuge and stay as long as needed.  A place he could count on without worrying about overstaying his welcome.  And he found that place; actually, he found that Person.  Perhaps you find yourself facing one thing after another.  And another.  And another.  And…you get the point.  In each one, resort to God.  Resort continually.  Stay as long as necessary.  Rest in Him.  Lean on His grace.  Refresh and recharge.  And by all means, know that you will never wear out your welcome with your Lord!