Well, we’ve arrived.  The last month of 2020.  Is that a collective sigh of relief I hear?  In a few days, it’ll be over.  But will it?  Yes, 2020 will draw to a close, but I’m seeing a carryover.  Encouraging, isn’t it? (Sarcasm, of course.)  Thinking of this, I read a statement in an article this week that reminded me of something.  As we’ve gone through this year, we’ve had a choice.  And as we head into 2021, we will have a choice.  The writer of that statement said this: “It has broken my heart this year to see the enemy use the events of 2020 to turn good and faithful servants into frustrated, fearful, and fruitless servants.”  I have to agree with him, because I’ve seen it as well.  But do you know what else I’ve seen?  I’ve seen many who have turned to the Lord more than ever, they’ve leaned on the Lord more than ever, and they are ending this year in a closer and deeper relationship with Him.  I’ve seen some who have chosen poorly and some who have chosen wisely.  How have you chosen?  How will you choose if 2021 simply becomes 2020, The Sequel?  Will you allow the enemy to distract you, discourage you, and drive you away from church, service, and sharing the gospel?  Or will you choose to dive deeper into the Word, spend more time communing in prayer, and congregate with God’s people every chance you get?  Will you do as Joseph did in the book of Genesis?  Joseph suffered what essentially was a 13-year-long “2020.”  However, at the end of it all, he said this in Genesis 50:20, “But as for you, ye thought evil against me; but God meant it unto good.”  He chose wisely.  He trusted and stayed true and allowed God to work.  And this brings us to the question for today: how have you chosen to deal with 2020, and how will you choose in 2021?  Better make up your mind!