Well, the Christmas season is in full swing now.  As we consider Christmas, what words come to mind as a believer?  “Joy”?  “Peace”?  “Good will”?  How about the word “fear”?  As we read the Christmas story in Scripture, we can see it.  We see fear.  And that’s the reason we also see the words “Fear not” throughout the Christmas account.  For example, when the angel, Gabriel, appeared to Mary, she was, as the Bible says, “troubled.”  Simply put, Mary was disturbed, alarmed.  What Gabriel had just told her not only would be a difficult road to travel, but it was also downright impossible.  In fact, she said so: “How shall these things be?”  But Gabriel encouraged her to “Fear not.”  As she tried to sort out her thoughts, there’s no telling what was running through her mind, probably in rapid-fire.  “What will I say to my family?”  “What will others say about me?”  “How will I tell Joseph?”  “Can I do this?”  Then Gabriel spoke the words that torpedoed her fear.  Luke 1:37 gives us the angel’s words of assurance as he said, “For with God nothing shall be impossible.”  That’s when Mary was able to respond, “Behold the handmaid of the Lord; be it unto me according to thy word.”  Words expressing faith in the God of the impossible and full submission to His will.  Mary’s faith in God’s power erased her fear, despite the seeming impossibility of what had been shared with her.  Perhaps fear is something you’re facing this Christmas season.  You are confronted with something completely out of your control.  Remember, Mary’s God is your God.  Trust His power.  Trust the simple fact that He is able.  Think about it this way – you may not know what God will do, but you do know what God can do!