People probably wondered, “What was he thinking?”  His friends more than likely tried to talk him out of it.  His family that had adopted him perhaps saw their dreams for him crushed in that moment.  In their minds they were watching the one in whom they had invested so much throw it all away for something infinitely inferior, and they couldn’t understand why.  Honestly, humanly speaking, it didn’t make any sense.  But what a difference it made in his life and in the lives of millions!  And it all was wrapped up in a choice.  Hebrews 11 puts it like this: “Choosing rather to suffer affliction with the people of God, than to enjoy the pleasures of sin for a season.”  A choice Moses made “when he was come to years” the Bible says.  As I’ve meditated on this passage over the last several days, his story has been both encouraging and challenging.  Why did he choose “rather to suffer…than to enjoy”?  Two words explain it all: “By faith.”  By faith Moses turned his back on the wealth, opportunity, and power that the culture around him offered.  By faith he embraced the suffering that came with following God’s plan for him and his people.  By faith he looked beyond the temporary to see the eternal.  By faith he grasped the truth that the most difficult day following his Lord was still far, far better than the best day the world had to offer.  Now what about us?  Will we make our choices based on faith?  Faith that God’s way, no matter where it leads, is best?  That behind the attractive façade of temptation is the heartache and devastation it truly represents?  That the glory of the eternal infinitely outweighs the glitter of the temporary?  Choices.  Lord, help me to make the right ones.