Burdens are a part of life.  Some we carry for a short time; some for a not-so-short time.  And one of the heaviest and most constant, in my opinion, is the burden of disappointment.  For some reason, I’ve seen it a lot this week.  Had it expressed to me from several different angles.  Disappointment comes in many ways.  Disappointment in someone you counted on, something you planned, somewhere you work, something or someone that just didn’t measure up, turn out, or come through.  And along with that, disappointment can breed anger, bitterness, discouragement, jealousy, and a temptation to throw up our hands and quit.  Disappointment is a heavy burden to carry, for sure.  The problem is, we can’t keep disappointments from happening.  So what can we do?  King David gives some wise counsel in Psalm 55, a psalm that oozes disappointment and the burden it is.  He gives that counsel in verse 22: “Cast thy burden upon the Lord, and He shall sustain thee: He shall never suffer the righteous to be moved.”  In other words, whatever life hurls at you, immediately toss it over to God.  He will carry that burden, and He will carry you.  Keep you steady.  Hold you up.  Give you the strength to go on.  Disappointment will rear its ugly head, and it’ll do it on a regular basis.  But it doesn’t have to stop you, paralyze you, or take you down.  You can give it to God, and you’ll find that God never disappoints!