Never.  A word that, depending on its context, can be good or bad.  In this case, it’s good.  A few days ago, I heard a song that caught my ear because of its title.  Then its message caught my heart.  We’re blessed when we think of who and what God is, but have you ever thought about what He’s not?  That’s where the word “never” comes in.  The song says, “When I feel I’m failing / When I think I should quit / I’m always reminded / Who He always is / But other days there’s other ways / That I think about God / And I start to list the things He’s never not. / He’s never not faithful / He’s never not kind / He’s never not perfect / He’s never not on time / He’s never been defeated / And He’ll never be stopped / And He’s never not good / Because He’s never not God.”  We all have “never” days.  I’ll never make it.  This trial will never end.  I never seem to get it right.  I never realized how hard this would be.  But we need not allow our “nevers” to keep us from serving, growing, or moving forward for God.  Because in our “nevers,” He is the “same yesterday, and today, and forever.”  He’s never not available.  He’s never not able.  He’s never not all we need.  He’s never not God!