It seems that he threw nothing away.  45 years later, they were right there in that box.  The box that I was told I could come and pick up or it would be thrown away.  So I picked it up.  The things in it belonged to my high school coach who passed away late last summer.  Old stat sheets, scorebooks, season summaries, programs, signed baseballs, and playbooks.  As I went through them, well, talk about a trip down memory lane!  Some things I remembered clearly, some I had forgotten about, and some even corrected what I thought I remembered but was wrong about.  I must admit that some of my memories didn’t quite match up with what I found in those stat sheets and scorebooks.  I guess you could say the actual facts didn’t measure up to some of the memories.  But hey, it was 45 years ago!  Anyway, as I thought about it, something occurred to me.  Our God is never like that.  Scripture speaks over and over again about taking time to remember the Lord’s works.  A spiritual walk down memory lane if you will.  Psalm 77:11 says, “I will remember the works of the Lord: surely I will remember Thy wonders of old.”  You know, as I look back over the Lord’s hand in my life, I must say that the actual facts always measure up to the memories.  He was just as great as I thought He was (probably greater!).  He was just as merciful, gracious, patient, and in control as I remember Him being.  The memories of my high school playing days may not always be clear, but my memories of the Lord are.  He is equal to and often far beyond what I remember.  So today, Lord, remind me of your greatness!