This time last week, I was doing what Peter had just done all night.  Fishing.  The group from our church, though, did better than Peter and his associates.  Our annual men’s fishing trip resulted in a good catch of fish.  On the other hand, Peter had fished all night and caught nothing.  After that long, hard night of hard-luck fishing, there was still work to be done.  Boats had to be looked after and nets had to be cleaned and mended for the next trip.  As Peter wearily tended to this task, Jesus approached and asked a favor.  You can read the story in Luke 5.  The Lord asked to use Peter’s boat as a pulpit from which He could address the multitude by the shore.  After finishing His teaching, Jesus then told Peter to head back out for more fishing.  Of course Peter, the professional fisherman, knew better.  There were many reasons not to go.  He had other things he needed to do.  It was the wrong time of day.  He was exhausted from the night before.  And, honestly, it seems that he thought it wouldn’t do any good (note the word “nevertheless”).  There was absolutely no reason to go back out.  Except one.  “At Thy word.”  The Lord had told him to.  So he did, and you can read about the amazing result in the passage – a fish story for the ages!  Peter laid aside all the logic, all the weariness, all the excuses and did what he was asked simply because the Master had spoken.  He didn’t have to understand; he just by faith obeyed.  And he teaches you and me a valuable lesson: if God says it, it’s enough.  I obey.  I trust.  I act.  I launch out and let down the nets.  Lord, help me to live my life, not by my reasoning, not by my strength, not by my feelings, but “at Thy word.”  Simply because You say so.