About three weeks ago, I spoke at a funeral for one of our church members.  Today I do the same.  There’s no doubt that death is real.  We see it all around us every day, and with good reason the Apostle Paul called death an “enemy” (1 Corinthians 15:26).  But that’s not the topic for today.  As real as death is, I prefer to mediate on the fact that Heaven is real.  Heaven is not a state of mind, nor is it just some emotional crutch for those who do not choose to face an after-death nothingness.  It’s neither a fairy tale nor a carrot to dangle in trying to get someone to do right.  Heaven is a real place.  With walls.  Foundations.  Streets.  Gates.  In fact, it’s called a city.  It even has a name – New Jerusalem.  Yes, Heaven is real.  I know this, not because someone says he has been there and back or because of some religious tradition.  I know what I know about Heaven because God says so in the Bible.  The undeniable, accurate, always-truthful Word of God.  One more thing about Heaven.  Our Lord is there, along with those who have passed away who know Him as Savior.  And it’s where I will be one day, and so will you if you have trusted Christ for salvation.  By the way, have you done that?  Do you know for sure that Heaven will be your eternal home?  Just something to think about, because as real as Heaven is, so is Hell, and those are the only two options once we step into eternity.  So as you face the reality of living right now in an imperfect, very imperfect, extremely imperfect world, why not find joy in another reality: Heaven!  Rejoice if you know you’re going there.  Receive Christ if you’re not.  And why not point someone else to Christ, the only way to Heaven?  Yes, Heaven is real.  And that makes my task today a little easier.