It just got personal.  It got to my Waffle House, and if you know me, you know I love Waffle House.  We’ve all read about, seen, and probably experienced the problems in businesses due to a shortage of workers.  They’ve had to cut open hours, delay services, pay more overtime to those willing to work, and put out plea after plea for people to apply for a job.  It’s been tough.  And I think we all know why it’s gotten to this point.  But back to my opening statement.  A couple of times recently, I’ve been to my local Waffle House in the evening, and it’s been take-out only because all they had was one cook and one server to work.  And WH take-out just isn’t the same.  As I said, now it’s personal!  While I’m saying this tongue-in-cheek (sort of), the Lord used the thought to remind me of something else about the worker shortage.  It’s not just in the business world; it’s in the spiritual world as well.  Didn’t the Lord say, “The harvest truly is great, but the laborers are few.” (Luke 10:2)?  We all have our opinions as to why people just don’t want to get back to work, don’t we?  We’ve complained about it, bemoaned it, and come up with ways to fix it.  It just flat out bothers us.  But how much are we burdened for the lack of gospel-sharing Christians?  How concerned are we about missing church, showing a lack of interest in training for the work of God?  How much are we doing for the cause of Christ?  Who are we impacting for Him?  Perhaps we need to complain less about the laziness of people and confess more our laziness as followers of Christ.  The next time you’re frustrated about the service at an under-staffed place of business, think about how the Lord must feel when He looks at the “fields white already to harvest” but finds them under-staffed as well.  Make it personal.  It’s time to go to work!