A Mother’s advice is often the best, and here’s an example.  Susanna Wesley was mother to John and Charles Wesley, men whom the Lord used as preachers of the gospel and writers of hymns we still sing today.  She’s often looked at as a wonderful example of a godly mother, and so she is.  But raising a family in the late 1600’s and early 1700’s was no easy task.  She bore 19 children, nine of whom died as infants.  Extreme financial difficulties constantly dogged the Wesley family.  Twice their home burned to the ground.  She labored tirelessly (and succeeded) to give her children an education that marveled those around them.  But most of all she taught her children the Word of God, she faithfully interceded for them before the Lord, and her heart’s desire was to see them follow the Savior.  Through her writings, mostly letters to her children, we see her heart and find much advice that serves us well today.  So on this Mother’s Day weekend, I’d like to share one simple piece of Mom Susanna’s heart.  It’s this: “There are two things to do about the gospel. Believe it and behave it.”  As we consider the sad state of our society today, this mother’s advice from over 300 years ago would solve the problem.  Believing the gospel saves, forgives, and changes a person.  Behaving the gospel changes things around that person.  If enough people would believe and then behave the gospel, what a difference it would make!  But that “enough people” begins with me.  And you.  Let’s take this mother’s advice to heart today.