These last couple of months around here have been something.  In a sense, it seems like forever ago things started shutting down, and in another way it seems like yesterday.  Anyone else feel that way?  By the time we begin having services here again on May 17, it will have been 8 Sundays and 9 Wednesdays since we’ve had an on-site service.  A conversation I had with some friends yesterday evening got me to thinking that throughout the shutdown of so much, people have been looking.  Looking for answers.  Looking for the truth amidst all the conflicting news reports and social media “experts.”  Looking for peace.  Looking for ways to fill dead time.  Looking for a return to a semblance of normalcy.  Oh yes, and looking for toilet paper (not very spiritual, I know, but I had to add that one!).  I guess overall, looking back to make some sense of all that’s happened and looking forward to figure out the lasting impact of this COVID-19 pandemic.  I must admit that I’ve done some of that looking myself; haven’t you?  And in all the looking I’ve been reminded of where our eyes ought to be, no must be, focused.  Hebrews 12:2 simply says, “Looking unto Jesus.”  And Titus 2:13 tells us, “Looking for that blessed hope.”  In all my looking, I must be sure to keep my eyes on Christ.  If He was willing to give so much to save me, He’s certainly not going to leave me in the lurch now.  I must keep looking up for that blessed hope of His coming, knowing that in the end our Lord remains in sovereign control of all things.  In the uncertainty of these days, we can rest in the certainty of our Savior and coming King.  In all your looking this week, be sure to look for that which matters most.  You’ll always find what you need.