You hear a lot about pastors and deacons.  Some good, some bad, and some, well, simply ugly.  I must say, though, that I have always been blessed and encouraged down through the years by the ministry of our deacons here at Berean.  Many men have served, and I have seen the Lord use each one.  Which brings me to my point this week.  At our meeting this past Tuesday, one of our deacons gave the devotion from Psalm 34.  He gave a brief overview and summary of the Psalm, but the thoughts of verse 5 stuck with me: “They looked unto Him and were lightened, and their faces were not ashamed.”  Verse 4 speaks of fears, verse 6 of troubles, verse 18 of a broken heart and crushed spirit, and verse 19 mentions afflictions.  These are things we all have experienced, perhaps some even now are the middle of it.  And verse 5 gives hope in the midst of it all.  “Looked” has the idea of looking intently.  Those who look to the Lord in that manner will be “lightened” or literally will become radiant, will be cheered up.  But then it goes on to say they’ll not be “ashamed.”  They’ll never be disappointed, confused, or shamed; in other words, one who looks to God in trouble will never regret it!  Family and friends are a blessing in times of trouble, and there’s nothing wrong with leaning on their support, but even they can let us down at times.  Our Lord has never turned anyone down, never let anyone down, or never left anyone down if they truly looked to Him.  Never.  And since He’s unchanging, He never will.  So, in those difficult moments, look to your God, linger in His presence, and lean heavily on His grace.  You’ll never regret it!