I read it at the beginning, and I couldn’t move past it for a while.  I did end up reading the rest of the passage, but that first phrase of Psalm 97 permeates and gives purpose to every verse of the Psalm.  And it should do the same in every moment of our day.  It’s simple: “The Lord reigneth.”  Look through the Psalm.  Why is His greatness so evident?  Because the Lord reigneth.  Why is it pointless to worship other gods?  Because the Lord reigneth.  Why are His people glad and rejoice?  Because the Lord reigneth.  Why must we detest evil and embrace righteousness?  Because the Lord reigneth.  Why can we hope and rest in His deliverance?  Because the Lord reigneth.  I hope you get the point by now.  COVID?  The Lord reigneth.  School reopening (parents and teachers especially get this one)?  The Lord reigneth.  Campaigns and elections?  The Lord reigneth.  Social and cultural turmoil?  The Lord reigneth.  And for all those problems, challenges, burdens, and doubts that come along whether it’s 2020 or not?  The Lord reigneth.  It is a fact, whether we see it or not.  It is unchanging, no matter what happens or what anyone says.  So lift up your head today.  Walk in peace.  Carry on with purpose.  Serve Him faithfully.  Rejoice in all things.  Why?  You guessed it – because the Lord reigneth!