Burdens.  We all have them.  There are times that we bear up well, and at other times we feel crushed by their weight.  You’ll find the word “burden” in Psalm 55:22, the only time that this particular Hebrew word is used in the Old Testament.  “Cast thy burden upon the Lord, and He shall sustain thee: He shall never suffer the righteous to be moved.”  Here the word “burden” literally means “what is given; a lot.”  Basically, it’s what you would call today “my lot in life.”  The word “cast” has the idea of throwing something away or hurling it down.  This verse is almost a play on words:  “Take what you’ve been given in life and give it away to the Lord.”  The twists and turns on the path of life can be hard.  One lesson you must learn is to turn those situations over to God (easier said than done, I know).  But if you can just do that, there’s a wonderful promise that follows!  God will “sustain” you.  That is, He will hold you up, nourish you, and provide the sustenance you need for that moment.  But that’s not all!  He will not allow you “to be moved.”  He will keep you from slipping, falling, or getting off course.  One commentator put it like this: “Thy burden, or what thy God lays upon thee, lay thou it upon the Lord.  His wisdom casts it on thee; it is thy wisdom to cast it on Him.  He gives thee thy portion of suffering; accept it with cheerful resignation, and then take it back to Him with assured confidence…He who ordains the burden will also ordain strength.”  In other words, you have to give it away.  All of it.  To God.  If you hang on to it or leave God out of the solution, there is little hope.  So…….what has life given you recently?  What “burden” are you still trying to deal with yourself?  Give it away to God, and He will take all responsibility of keeping you in line and on course for His glory!