38 years.  38 years, and there he still was.  38 years seeking the healing power of the waters, but he never seemed to be quick enough.  38 years of trying to make it on his own, because he had no one to help.  38 long, agonizing years.  But then one day someone stopped by and asked if he’d like to be made whole.  Then this man simply told him to stand up and walk away from there.  And he did.  He even carried his bed mat with him.  When questioned about the stranger who had told him to stand up and carry his bed mat, he realized that he had no idea of the man’s identity.  Not long afterwards, he was in the temple area and the same stranger came up to him.  And then he knew who it was, and he was more than happy to share the news.  John 5 tells this story, and verse 15 states that, “The man departed, and told the Jews that it was Jesus.”  Think about it.  It was Jesus.  I heard a new song a couple of days ago with that phrase as the title, and it got me to thinking.  Let’s make sure we give our Lord the proper credit.  “Boy, you really got your life turned around.”  No, it was Jesus.  “You sure got lucky.”  No, it was Jesus.  “The doctors must have misdiagnosed the problem, because now it’s gone.”  No, it was Jesus.  “You certainly held up well through that.”  No, it was Jesus.  “Life sure has been good to you.”  No, it was Jesus.  Doesn’t James say, “Every good gift and every perfect gift is from above”?  Remember, it’s not luck, superstition, fate, or chance.  It’s Jesus.  Give Him the credit; exalt Him; thank Him.  And make sure people know it was Jesus.