“When my heart is overwhelmed….”  So says King David in Psalm 61.  This week I have sat and talked with people who are right there in that moment with David.  Varying circumstances for varying reasons, but there they are.  Maybe you are, too.  The fact is, we all have found or will find ourselves in that exact situation, so the words that precede and then follow David’s admission of despair are important for all of us: “I will cry unto Thee…lead me to the rock that is higher than I.”  We often find ourselves in a situation too big for us, a hole too deep, a wall too high.  And it seems the answer we seek or the help we need is simply out of reach.  It’s “higher than I.”  We stretch and strain and still come up short.  If we seem to make some progress, another wave comes crashing in.  Overwhelmed.  When that happens, we must, and I mean must, follow David’s example.  Cry unto our Heavenly Father.  Admit our despair.  Ask Him to lift us to that divine grace that is unreachable by our own devices.  Lean completely on those everlasting arms to lift us to that rock of grace, provision, and endurance.  “Lead me to the rock.”  And God will do it.  He did it for King David, and He will do it for you.