Do you believe the Bible is true?  Really true?  All the time true?  Under any and all circumstances true?  I would imagine your answer would be, “Yes!”  And if we believe as we say we do, then it should be a given that we live that way, right?  Ahhh…there’s the problem sometimes.  I was thinking about this as I considered our missions conference theme for this year.  The conference begins tonight and wraps up Sunday night – it’s going to be a full weekend.  The theme comes from our 2022 verse, 1 Corinthians 15:58, that ends with the statement “ye know that your labor is not in vain in the Lord.”  Not in vain.  It’s not empty.  It’s not worthless or a waste of time.  And by the way, the word “not” is a strong and emphatic negative.  In other words, never ever in vain.  I must confess that there have been times in ministry when the thought has crossed my mind, “Why do I do this; what does it matter?”  That’s because I was looking at myself and the surrounding circumstances and not at the truth of this verse.  It says, “not in vain,” and that’s what it means.  And that’s how I must live: understanding that whatever I do for the Lord and His glory is worthwhile.  Never useless and never wasted.  Never.  So, I ask again: do you believe the Bible is true?  If you do, then keep going, keep serving, keep praying, keep giving, keep sharing, keep battling, keep…well, you get the point.  Remember, it’s “Not in Vain!”