Having a bad day?  Maybe it’s not just a bad day; it’s another bad day in a long line of bad days.  And even if today is going well so far, you never know what is around the corner, behind the next phone call, or waiting for you at home.  Are you encouraged yet?  I certainly don’t intend to be discouraging or negative, but the truth is that trouble and trial are a part of living in an imperfect, sin-cursed world.  But how we deal with it is up to us, and that can make all the difference.  Here’s a truth that will help!  King David committed to do something that, if followed, will see us through every day, good, bad, or anywhere in between.  You can read his commitment in Psalm 145:2 where he wrote, “Every day will I bless Thee….”  That word “bless” has the idea of “to kneel, worship, praise, salute and thank.”  What it says to me is that I need to make God the center of my focus every day.  If God is at the forefront of my heart and thought, I can trust His strength for the bad days, humbly thank Him for the good days, and stay steady anywhere in between!  You see, I can’t just pick and choose the days and circumstances in which to bless God.  To handle any day, I must bless Him every day.  That way, I can be ready for whatever the day may bring.  Have you taken time to bless Him today?  And every day?