Today’s weather forecast is what led me to today’s thoughts.  Rain, rain, and more rain.  So, I imagine you’ve heard the expression “saving for a rainy day,” haven’t you?  The idea is to set aside some of your resources so they will be available when needed, especially in an emergency situation.  I’m not exactly sure where this phrase came from, but with some brief research, I discovered that some sources put its origin as far back as the late 1500’s.  But then I found the idea in something written in about the 10th century B.C.  It’s in the Bible’s 31st Psalm.  In verse 19 King David wrote, “Oh how great is Thy goodness, which Thou hast laid up for them that fear Thee; which Thou hast wrought for them that trust in Thee before the sons of men!”  Psalm 31 is called a psalm of lament.  In other words, a “rainy day” psalm.  In this verse, David is praising the Lord for His goodness, but notice something about that goodness.  It had been (past tense) “laid up.”  That phrase “laid up” literally means “to hide in reserve.”  In other words, God knows that there will be rainy days in my life, and He has all the divine goodness I need already laid aside for that moment.  And when the day clouds over and the rain begins to pour, I must draw on that divine reserve to see me through.  Saving for the rainy day trials of life?  Don’t need to.  My Heavenly Father has all I need.  It’s called “Grace.”