It caught my attention and hasn’t let go yet.  Just a little phrase, but huge in its impact.  I was preparing for Thursday morning’s Men of the Word study from a book dealing with Psalm 23, and this week it was highlighting the last half of verse 3: “He leadeth me in the paths of righteousness for His name’s sake.”  What caught my eye wasn’t the Shepherd’s leading, although that’s vital to the welfare of the sheep.  It was the fact of why He leads.  “For His name’s sake.”  Yes, the Shepherd loves His sheep, but that’s not necessarily why he does what He does.  Yes, He desires the best for His flock, but that’s not the reason either.  Sure, He longs for fellowship with His people, but that’s not the reason given.  It’s “for His name’s sake.”  The green pastures, still waters, restoration, paths of righteousness, help in the valley, comfort, provision, a running-over cup, goodness and mercy, and even being with Him forever are all basically because of Him and “for His name’s sake.”  You see, that takes me out of the equation.  He doesn’t lead me based on me or my merits.  And it’s good He doesn’t.  If that were the case I don’t think I’d stand a chance in this world.  That’s why He does it “for His name’s sake.”  As someone once wrote, He does this “to display the glory of His grace, and not on account of any merit in me. God’s motives of conduct towards the children of men are derived from the perfections and goodness of His own nature.”  “His name’s sake” assures that God gets all the credit, receives all the glory.  It reminds me that it’s all about Him, not me.  It also challenges me to live in such a way that I bring no shame to His name, that I show forth the glory of His grace, and that I point others to Him as their only hope.  Lord, help me to live today and every day because of and exclusively for Your name’s sake!