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Joe Bowker


Pastor Bowker is quite familiar with the Middle Georgia area, having been reared in Macon most of his life. He and his wife, Tina, also a Macon native, are both graduates of Gilead Christian Academy here in Macon as well as Baptist University of America. They were married on July 25, 1980 and have four children: Laura, Joseph, Brian, and Leslie.  God has also blessed them with two grandchildren.  Pastor and Tina served with their children for many years in Mexico as missionaries. The Bowkers came to Berean in July of 2003 and count it a privilege to serve the Lord with their church family.

The Pastor’s Heart 10/16/2020

This popped up in my FB Memories this week. When I read it, I believe it’s even more appropriate for this election season! So, I thought I’d post it again. Here you go:  The Pastor’s Heart 10/14/2016  It’s gotten pretty crazy, and it doesn’t appear to be changing direction any time soon. This election season…


The Pastor’s Heart 10/9/2020

At our men’s Bible study early yesterday morning, we discussed the Apostle Paul’s salvation experience – from what he was to what God did for him and ultimately through him.  What a stark difference between Saul the persecutor and Paul the preacher!  But as we learned, his salvation experience is no more miraculous, no more…


The Pastor’s Heart 10/2/2020

I took it as long as I could.  35 or 40 minutes in, I couldn’t stand it any longer, and I walked away.  I was done.  I’m talking about my experience with last Tuesday night’s presidential debate.  From the start, the interruptions and the talking over each other made it painful for me to watch. …