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Joe Bowker


Pastor Bowker is quite familiar with the Middle Georgia area, having been reared in Macon most of his life. He and his wife, Tina, also a Macon native, are both graduates of Gilead Christian Academy here in Macon as well as Baptist University of America. They were married on July 25, 1980 and have four children: Laura, Joseph, Brian, and Leslie.  God has also blessed them with two grandchildren.  Pastor and Tina served with their children for many years in Mexico as missionaries. The Bowkers came to Berean in July of 2003 and count it a privilege to serve the Lord with their church family.

The Pastor’s Heart 4/9/2021

It’s a thought from our Men of the Word Bible study this week, something I knew but definitely need to be reminded of on a regular basis.  As, I think, we all do.  The author of the book was giving some insights on being a man of influence through serving others, and the first insight…


The Pastor’s Heart 4/2/2021

It was the Apostle Paul’s great desire, stated very simply in Philippians 3:10.  “That I may know Him, and the power of His resurrection.”  The power of His resurrection.  I’ve been thinking about that phrase the last day or so as we approach this Easter Sunday.  And you know, when you really drill down, that…


The Pastor’s Heart 3/19/2021

We know his name, but we probably don’t remember much about him.  Hezekiah – remember him?  He was one of Judah’s godly kings, and he led his people back to a worship of the true God.  There is much about his reign that we could look at today, but it’s a summary verse that really…