In doing some recent reading and personal study in the Psalms, I once again considered a powerful passage that always challenges me.  It is Asaph’s dilemma in Psalm 73 as he despaired about the prosperity of the wicked compared to the struggle of God’s servants.  The writer of this Psalm was ready to throw in the towel and declare that doing right and living right were worthless endeavors.  But that was only until he “went into the sanctuary of God” (verse 17).  When he got into God’s presence and was reminded of God’s glory, majesty, and holiness, his outlook changed completely.  Why not take a minute to read it for yourself today?  If you’re in a time like that right now, be assured that you’re not the only one who has had an “Asaph Experience” like the one described in Psalm 73!  If we’re not careful, it could happen to any of us.  Anyway, if you’ll stop and think about it, you’ll realize the answer to this dilemma is simple: there is too much at stake to quit on God.  And the reason can be summed up in two things:  the glory of God’s name and the souls of lost men.  Psalm 29:2 says, “Give unto the Lord the glory due unto His name.”  In other words, give God the honor He deserves.  That’s a lifelong pursuit, so we can’t afford to give up if we’re going to do that.  Then, Romans 5:6 tells us, “Christ died for the ungodly,” and He is “not willing that any should perish” (2 Peter 3:9).  If we give up on God, we basically turn our backs on the cross and live as though our convenience matters more.  How much more selfish could a person be than that?  As I have been considering much the glory of God lately, this is a fresh reminder that there really is too much at stake to ever consider throwing in the towel, no matter what life brings.  How dare we mar the majestic glory due our God to live a life of worldly ease?  How dare we coldly spurn the call of Calvary because staying true to the Savior and reaching the lost is “too hard”?  Strong words, I know; but the times in which we live demand that we consider them!