“The Pastor’s Heart.”  That’s what I call this note I send to you on a regular basis, and that’s what I try to share.  Let me tell you about my heart this week: it’s broken.  Aching.  Even a little frustrated and downtrodden.  But the best word would be broken.  After Tuesday’s outcome of the Senate runoff here in Georgia, we now see both houses of Congress as well as the White House controlled by those who proudly endorse the taking of innocent unborn lives, who support the lifestyles and identities that disregard the Creator God of the Universe and His word, who celebrate the redefining of God’s declaration of what marriage should be, and who favor doing away with the free exercise of religion to insist upon the celebration of the aforementioned sins.  And that was just Wednesday morning.  Then Wednesday afternoon happened.  As I watched the incredible disrespect in the unlawful storming of the Capitol, my heart sank even further.  Just being honest here.  And then the Lord gave me just what this pastor’s heart needed.  It’s found in Psalm 147:3, and it says, “He healeth the broken in heart and bindeth up their wounds.”  That’s what I’m trusting Him to do for me.  For you if you’re feeling the same way.  For our country during this time.  And even though my heart is broken for my state and for my country, I do not plan to give up.  By God’s grace, I want to continue to be “salt and light” by staying engaged in public policy; I want to stand tall for Biblical morals and values; I want to boldly speak the truth in love; I want to declare the true and only hope for our country: the gospel of Jesus Christ and its saving power; I want others to know Jehovah-Rapha, the God Who Heals.  Even in brokenness, we must carry on.  We must stay true.  We must continue to lift up and trust the Lord’s name for His glory, for He is the one who’s really in control.  So, that’s my heart this week….