No one likes to be cheated.  Short-changed.  Duped.  Bamboozled.  When someone hoodwinks us like that, we tend to get angry.  We want what is right and fair, what is our just due.  Yet, I read a statement this week that made me sit up and take notice that this happens to many believers who never even realize it’s taking place.  It went like this: “Pray with us that God will challenge the hearts of many who still don’t know the blessing of all-out abandonment to the Lord Jesus and to the job He wants us to do in simple obedience.  The world is dying for a Savior; yet so many who profess to know Him are still living ‘business as usual’ lives, cheating themselves of the ‘high calling of God in Christ Jesus.’”  Did you get that?  How we often cheat ourselves of the “blessing of all-out abandonment” to our Savior?  Yes, it’s very easy and quite comfortable to live that “business as usual” life and be satisfied with the droplets of God’s blessing.  We like the smooth sea that won’t rock our boat.  We prefer the comfort zone we’ve wrapped ourselves in; and when we venture to stick our toe out to test the waters, we shiver and quickly withdraw back into our blanketed mediocrity.  Short-changed again.  Romans 13:11 reminds us that “it is high time to awake out of sleep.”  It’s time to leave the spiritual stupor in which we find ourselves and learn the blessing of that all-out abandonment.  To go beyond the droplets and plead for the showers of blessing.  To stop settling and begin striving.  Simply put, to stop cheating ourselves out of God’s best.  Who’s with me?