I believe it’s worth sharing again.  While going through some older files this week, I came across a “Pastor’s Heart” from this month 5 years ago.  It was written about a week after the Supreme Court sadly ruled favorably on same-sex marriage.  As I read through it again and in light of the recent and ongoing political, medical, social, and judicial events, I felt that it was just what I needed this week.  Maybe you do too.  So, here’s the prayer of my heart back then as well as today:


Lord, my emotions of the last week have covered just about everything.  You know that.  I’ve been exasperated; I’ve been heartsick; I’ve been bewildered; I’ve even been somewhat angry.  But I guess most of all I’ve been burdened.  Yet in all this, You are still Truth.  So Father, help me to stay true to You and the infallible, unchanging truth of Your word.  May Your word be my foundation.  Not my opinion, not my feelings, not my surroundings, not what anyone else may say or think.  Lord, in all this You are still Love.  I really need Your help here.  Fill me, Father, with that love for all, just like You.  Give me your compassion for those who need Your Son, because He died for everyone, not just the ones I agree with.  God, in all this you are still the God of mercy.  I beg Your mercy for my country.  Mercy for those who are trying to push and pull it to perdition.  Mercy for those of us who may have stood by in our religious ritual and apathy and allowed it to happen.  And hand-in-hand with that, may I ask for Your grace?  You know the song we sing this time of year, “America, America, God shed His grace on thee.”  This year, it’s more than just a song; it’s the cry of my heart.  God, we need Your grace.  Lots of it.  One more thing, Father.  In all this, I also know You are still the Sovereign One.  You are in control, and I can trust You.  In fact, I do trust You.  You know the future.  I don’t.  You know Your design and plan for my country.  I don’t.  And since I don’t and You do, I will trust You.  I will look to your Holy Word for all things.  I will strive to remain faithful in Your service for Your glory.  I will rest in the fact that you remain my King, and you will be… no, You already are, triumphant.  Father, I humbly place this petition before You in the name of Your Son and my Savior, Jesus Christ.


You know, I probably shouldn’t wait 5 years before reading through this again!