In a conversation the other night, we talked about decisions for the Lord that we’ve made.  Some are made at camp, some in a revival or even a regular service, and others during a personal time with God.  The decisions are genuine, wrought in the heart by the Holy Spirit and confirmed by God’s holy word.  But what about the days and weeks or even years after the decision?  Do we hold true?  Have you ever made a decision for the Lord and failed to stay consistent in the decision?  We’ve all probably been there.  We start out ok, but then we falter.  And if we falter enough, we just forget about even trying.  Trying – maybe that’s the problem.  I believe that what we sometimes lack is that we don’t do what King David did in Psalm 17.  We don’t turn to God and allow Him to keep us faithful to that decision.  Listen to what David says in verse 5: “Hold up my goings in Thy paths, that my footsteps slip not.”  He said, “Lord, I need Your help to stay on track.  I need Your strength to not be shaken and slip.”  You see, it’s not in our trying; it’s in our trusting and submitting to God to keep us faithful.  Allowing Him to get our attention when it strays.  Responding to His correction.  Listening to His voice through the Scriptures.  If we’ll just let Him, God will keep us on track.  Think about Psalm 17:5 today.  Pray Psalm 17:5 today.  Or as Mr. Spurgeon said, “If we would be preserved, we must cry out to the Preserver.”