It’s one we used to sing all the time.  We don’t hear it as much anymore, but perhaps we need to bring it back.  And not just as a song, but as a way of life.  It’s the short chorus, “Let’s Talk about Jesus.”  Do you remember it?  Some will, but others may never have heard it.  We spend our days talking about everything else – politics, sports, recipes, health, golf scores, dress sales, work, good restaurants, kids, grandkids, probably some more politics, and for sure some more about grandkids.  But how much do we talk about Jesus?  How much do we share His gospel?  How often do we recount His blessings?  How much do we talk about His Word?  Why don’t you take the next few days just to notice what you talk about and whether or not Jesus is included in a noticeable way?  Then, as the song says, “Let’s talk about Jesus; the King of Kings is He, the Lord of Lords supreme, through all eternity.  The great I AM, the Way, the Truth, the Life, the Door.  Let’s talk about Jesus more and more!”  And don’t just sing it; live it!  More and more!