Sometimes it’s not “what,” it’s “which one?”  As I approach this note each Friday, I admit that there are times I have to find that “what do I write this week?”  There are other times that the right topic is right there and there’s no doubt.  And then there are the times like today.  Over the last week or so, several things have spoken to my heart, and I haven’t been sure about which one to share.  Ok, I’ve rambled enough; here we go.  In fact, rambling is today’s point.  There are times in life when so many options are presented that it’s hard to decide.  So we strike out hoping it’s the right direction.  Or we sit and do nothing and miss an opportunity.  Or we just ramble.  And I don’t think any of those three options are best, do you?  Especially when we realize that the Lord isn’t included in any of those.  When that temptation to just ramble comes along, think about what the prophet taught in Isaiah 30:21.  He said the Lord’s voice would be clear to His people, “This is the way, walk ye in it.”  The perfect solution to rambling!  God’s Spirit through God’s word will point us in the right direction.  He will also point out very clearly when we, on our own, have gone in the wrong direction.  It really ends up being whether or not we pay attention.  You see, God’s word truly is a light, a guide, a measuring stick, and a counselor.  I’m glad the child of God has the Scriptures.  I’m glad we have the Holy Spirit.  It sure saves us from a lot of rambling.  Like I’ve done today.